Did you hear about snow socks for cars?

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Did you hear about snow socks for cars?
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Did you hear about snow socks for cars or even vans, trucks and buses? It is not a joke nor new strange trend. Snow socks are certified products that are recommended by specialists. They can be used on vehicles with low clearance between tire-house and tire. Drivers in many countries use auto socks as an emergency winter chains and they all agree this product is something that every driver should have. It is a good way to save money, because auto socks are economical (made from special textile that is durable, washable and reusable). They are also much easier to use than traditional winter chains (mounting is faster and they can be used with alloy-rims). Thanks to creating traction between tire and the road auto socks help to control car on icy or snowy roads. They are not causing any noise or vibrations and definitely make travel safer and more comfortable. Auto socks are also compatible with electronic safety system, like ABS and ESP. Don"t wait any longer just try out snow socks in action.

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